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Please Tell Us What You Think Of "Aquariana And The Golden Pearl"
Dear Penny, 
I was very happy to read your book and I find it very interesting. From start to finish I could not put it down. It's one of those books you just have to keep reading because it is such a wonderful story. As far as I can see it will be a big success. 
Jupp Baron Kerckerinck, President - The Shark Research Institute

Just finished it and it was great. A little gory for little ones but probably needed that to get the point across. I can see Disney making a series out of this. Like the way you left it open for a sequel. When will that be out? 
Mitch Helms!!

I am amazed at what a great read this book is. You tell the story with suchimagery and ease that I feel like you're talking to me directly. The book tells such a great tale, sends a message, takes us on a wonderful journey, and leaves us wanting more. I look forward to many more adventures and can't wait till you complete the second book (and the third, and the fourth, and the fifth...).  
Congratulations Penny... You deserve all the success that I'm sure this book will surely bring.
Will Chuss

AQUARIANA is a beautifully written book that made me think twice as to whether it was fact or fiction. How little we know about the sea and its creatures was brought to mind as I read this. Perhaps if we knew more we would fight to protect those creatures from unnecessary maulings. The mother and daughter in this book share the love of the sea so beautifully...and the 'golden pearl' was truly a heartwarming reminder of this love. I highly recommend this book to all ages. 

Dear Ms. Penny -
I am the little girl that visited your store today with my Mom. I started reading your book as soon as I left your store and I couldn't put it down! I wraped myself in a blanket in my playroom and finished the book within 3 hours. I really liked your book... It is a wonderful story!!! 
The start of the book where the woman got scratched up and brusied kind of freaked me out... but as I read more I liked it beacuse you put a lot of detail in how the fish looked. For instance, when you wrere talking about the shark coming up to her... you explained in a very detailed way how the Shark looked. the fish looked, and how Aquariana looked. Did you know that I would think that 
the sharks would go for Saphira? And did you know that Sharks can smell blood over 300 miles away? 
I am really interested in your book because I really like sharks... and I'm so glad your book has a list of websites to learn more about sharks. I wish I could write more but mommy says it's time for bed. Good Bye and THANK YOU for The Book! 
Love, Anna (age 9) 
PS. Please write at least 11 more books.  

​By Therease - This review is from: Aquariana (Volume 1) (Paperback) 
I could not put the book down. I felt like I was right there with Saphira in her dreams. I love the way this book brings attention to what is going on in our world and how we as humans are destroying the planet in such horrific ways. 
Thank you Penny. I can't wait for the next book. 
Good Job! 

Dear Penny,

Thank you for your generous donation! Shark finning simply HAS to be stopped!!
Jupp sent me an email about your book and so I bought it. Like Jupp, I couldn't put it down. It is such a wonderful story and should be in every school library. 
We will review it in our next newsletter and highly recommend it. It would make a terrific movie too.
Warm regards,
Marie Levine, Executive Director
Shark Research Institute

So, I'm flying through that pile of books I mentioned...Garilyn Callicott sent me a newly published kids'/ young adult book by a mutual friend: Penny Dabestini entitled "Aquariana and the Golden Pearl". I like it very much so far, right up there with Hoot...
 I really like this quote: "Listen carefully with your heart and soul, and do not act in haste, because every action-no matter the intention- always has consequences." 
Yes, we know this but it is good to remind ourselves. It's the "intention" part we seem to forget and later we accuse. We accuse ourselves and others. But no matter, we need to "be still" and "listen carefully with our heart and soul" Peace, Namaste my friends
Christy Tyson- Tanzania

This book was the perfect mix of adventure, love, and fantasy stories. We especially enjoyed the dream-like quality of the narrative and how when something happens in her dream, it becomes reality. The characters were interesting and engaging and the story moves fluidly. We can't wait for the next installment.- Steven Forman